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Prof Dr Riko Ozao

SONY Institute of Higher Education
Department of Informatics and Media Technology
Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-8501

Fax: +81-46-250-8936
Tel: +81-46-247-3131

E-mail: ozao@ei.shohoku.ac.jp
Website:      http://www.shohoku.ac.jp/teacher/ozao/

Riko (B. Sc, M.Sc, and Ph. D., from Waseda University, Department of Science and Engineering (Tokyo, JAPAN)), is Professor of Information Science at SONY Institute, but she also teaches Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemistry, and Crystal Chemistry at Waseda University.

She has served as treasurer for The Japan Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (JSCTA) for several terms and as chairperson for the Website Working Group and the Standardization Working Group. She served for ICTAC as Affiliate Societies Councilor for Japan since 2004. Currently, she also serves as councilor for Ecomaterials Forum and for Materials Research Society of Japan.

Her field of interest includes physical chemistry, environmental science and material science. Concerning thermal analysis and calorimetry, she has contributed in publications such as: 1) "Thermal Analysis" ("Netsu-bunseki" in Japanese), Kodansha-Scientific, Tokyo, Japan (1992); 2) "Basics and Application of Thermal Analysis, 3rd Ed." ("Netsu-bunseki no Kiso to Ouyou" in Japanese), Realize Inc, Tokyo, Japan (1994); 3) "Handbook of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis" (in Japanese) Maruzen, Tokyo Japan (1998); 4) "Comprehensive Handbook of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis" (Editorial board), John-Wiley & Sons, UK (2004); and 5) "Thermal Analysis-New Edition" ("Shinpan-Netsubunseki" in Japanese), Kodansha-Scientific, Tokyo, Japan (2005).

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