General Committees
ICTAC has a number of General Committees which report directly to Council. These include:

  1. ICTAC Advisory Committee

  2. ICTAC Scientific Awards Committee

  3. ICTAC Congress Organising Committee

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1.  ICTAC Advisory Committee

The ICTAC Advisory Committee consists of immediate-past members of the ICTAC Executive. They have the task of providing advice to their respective successors and to the ICTAC Executive. Their period of service is normally four years.

The current members are:

Dr Donald Burlett           (USA)

Prof. Crisan Popescu    (Romania)

Dr Junko Morikawa        (Japan)

2.  ICTAC Scientific Awards Committee

Prof. Riko Ozao (Japan, Chair)

Prof. Valter Fernandez Jr (Brazil, 2nd term)

Prof. Zhiwu Yu (China)

Prof. Jean Grenet (France)

Prof. Maria Lalia-Kantouri (Greece)

Prof. Alberto Schiraldi (Italy)

Prof. Jerzy Blazejowski (Poland, 2nd term)

Prof. Julia Sempere (Spain)

Prof. Peter Simon (Slovakia)

Dr. Liezel van der Merwe (South Africa)

Prof. Francis Stoessel (Switzerland)

Prof. Sindee Simon (USA)

3.  16th ICTAC Congress Organising Committee

Conference Chair               Tina Adams

Conference Co-Chair         Bob Howell

Program Co-Chairs             Riko Ozao (Asia)
       Crisan Popescu (Europe)
       Eric Schoch (Americas)

The ICTAC Executive are ex officio members of the Organising Committee

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