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Csaba Novák

Budapest Univ. Technol. & Economics
Inst. General & Analytical Chem.
Szent Gellert ter 4
H-1521 Budapest, Hungary

Phone 36-1-463-4047
Fax 36-1-463-3408

E-mail: cs-novak@mail.bme.hu

Born in Miskolc, Hungary in 1957, Csaba attended the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (previously the Technical University of Budapest) from 1977-1990 earning his M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and Dr. Techn. In 1995, he was a Candidate of Chemical Science (Ph.D.) from the Hungarian Academy of Science.

From 1982-1996, he was an assistant professor in the Technical Analytical Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of General and Analytical Chemistry at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. In 1996, he became an associate professor at this institution.

He has also conducted research in other countries including: University of Seville, Spain, 1994 and 1996 (invited researcher); University of Pavia, University of Parma, Italy 1997-1999 (scholarships of Ministry of Education); University of Natal, Brazil, 2001 (invited researcher). He has lectured with courses on General Chemistry, laboratory practices on Analytical Chemistry and postgraduate courses on thermal analysis. He also has been the Supervisor of 20 graduating students.

During this time, he has authored 85 research papers and given more than 150 lectures, mostly on the application of thermal analysis in organic systems, especially in pharmaceutical field; these have included preparation and investigation of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, investigation of physico-chemical properties of chemically modified cyclodextrin derivatives, controlled release studies of drugs and pharmaceuticals, analytical studies of interactions between drugs and excipients during formulation and thermal stability investigations of pharmaceuticals using combined (TG-MS, TG-FTIR) techniques.

He has been and is an active member of a number of scientific organizations:

  • Thermoanalytical Working Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1985 - present)
  • Chairman of the Thermoanalytical Branch of the Hungarian Chemical Society (1999 - present)
  • International Confederation on Thermal Analysis, ICTAC (1998 - present) ICTAC Affiliate Councillor for Hungary (1999 - present) Hungarian Correspondent of ICTAC News, (1996 - present) Treasurer of International Confederation on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, ICTAC (2004 - )
  • Editor of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (2001 - present)
  • Member of EUROSTAR (2001 - present)
  • Honorary Member of ABRATEC (Brazil Thermoanalytical Society, 2002).

He also been granted the following awards and honors:

  • Rector's Award of Technical University of Budapest, 1987
  • Tihamér Gedeon Senior Price, 1990
  • Award of the Hungarian Chemical Society, 2000.

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