Scientific Commission
Scientific Commission (as from ESTAC13, Palermo)

Chairperson – Andrei Rotaru,
Vice-Chairperson – Ranjit K. Verma,
       Chairperson of the ICTAC Young Scientist Program - Bruno Ekawa

Scientific Committees


Thermodynamics & thermochemistry


Instruments & Methods

Standards & Nomenclature

Life & Environmental Sciences


Peter Simon

Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti

Guy Van Assche

Luis A. Perez-Maqueda

Ignazio Blanco

Jiri Kucerik

Imre M. Szilagyi
Matko Erceg
Nicolas Sbirrazzuoli

Vera L. S. Freitas
Wojciech Marczak

Giuseppe Lazzara
Arnon Chaipanich

Dimitri Ivanov
Gareth M. B. Parkes

Haruka Abe
Eder T. G. Cavalheiro

Thomas Maskow
Titus Vlase

Katsumi Katoh
Kinga Pielichowska
Each committee should:

a.have a well-defined working plan;
b.have a consistent number & clear list of committed members to contribute to the work of the committee, while their activity
                  shall be taken via consensus among all their members;
c.have a continuous activity;
d.organize a workshop / session at ICTAC and/or at ESTAC;
e.publish books / papers with the presentations and discussions.

Rules for Committees (as from ICTAC15, Osaka)

*Each Chairperson may serve a period of 4 years for leading the group; the period is renewable for a single term of 4 more years.

*ICTAC Council should approve the progressively closing down of the committees by observing the rule of ‘no-activity’ over years.

*The Chairpersons of various Committees should invite awardees of ICTAC Young Scientist Award to participate to the activities of
   various groups.

*Under each line committee may open / close, according to the criteria enumerated above, groups of work (like ‘group for nano-
   materials’, ‘group for flash-DSC’, etc). The groups rely on the initiative of members of ICTAC who are interested in a specific project
   defined within the frame of the work of a certain committee.

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