Scientific Commission
Scientific Commission (as from ICTAC16, Orlando)

Chairman – Crisan Popescu,
Co-chairman – Ranjit K. Verma,
       Chairman (Young Scientist Program) – Andrei Rotaru,

Scientific Committees


Thermodynamics & thermochemistry


Instruments & Methods

Standards & Nomenclature


Sergey Vyazovkin

Sergey Verevkin

Guy Van Assche

Dimitri Ivanov

Paul van Ekeren

Ranjit Verma
Jiri Malek

Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti

Giuseppe Lazzara
Arnon Chaipanich

Luis A. Perez-Maqueda

Haruka Abe

Imre M. Szilagyi

Each committee should:

a.have a well-defined working plan;
b.have a minimum of 4 members committed to contribute to the work of the committee
c.have a continuous activity.
d.organize a workshop / session at ICTAC and/or at ESTAC;
e.publish books / papers with the presentations and discussions.

Rules for Committees (as from ICTAC15, Osaka)

*Each Chairperson may serve a period of 4 years for leading the group; the period is renewable for a single term of 4 more years.

*ICTAC Council should approve the progressively closing down of the committees by observing the rule of ‘no-activity’ over years.

*The Chairpersons of various Committees should invite awardees of ICTAC Young Scientist Award to participate to the activities of
   various groups.

*Under each line committee may open / close, according to the criteria enumerated above, groups of work (like ‘group for nano-
   materials’, ‘group for flash-DSC’, etc). The groups rely on the initiative of members of ICTAC who are interested in a specific project
   defined within the frame of the work of a certain committee.

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