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Prof. Andrzej Malecki

AGH-UST University of Science and Technology
Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 CRACOW, POLAND

TEL.: +48 12 617 2470
FAX: +48 12 617 2493

E-mail: malecki@agh.edu.pl

Andrzej L. Malecki (graduated at Jagiellonian Univesrsity, Chemistry Faculty, Cracow, Poland 1971, Ph.D. 1975 UST, habilitated 1987 UST) is currently full professor of chemistry at the AGH-UST University of Science and Technology, Cracow. Since 1992 he is the Head of Inorganic Chemistry Department, one of the nine departments in the faculty. He worked as academic teacher and scientific researcher for more than 35 years. His special field of scientific activity is related to pure chemistry as well as technology and covers thermal reactivity of inorganic solids (thermal decomposition of solids), thermal analysis and chemical heterogeneous kinetics in solid and gas-solid systems. Teacher's activity included lectures on general, physical and inorganic chemistry and mathematical statistics. His works were presented as scientific publications in international journals (more than 100) and during conferences and symposia (40).

His interest to thermal analysis began in 1972 during Ph.D. preparation. In 1986 he was one of the founders of Polish Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (PTKAT). Ten years later he became the vice-president of PTKAT (1995-1998 and 1998-2000). In the period of 2000-2006 Prof. A. Malecki was twice elected as the President of PTKAT. During this time PTKAT was affiliated to ICTAC. He became an ICTAC member after ICTAC Congress in 2000. In 2002 during ESTAC 8 (Barcelona, Spain) he presented Polish proposal concerning organization of ESTAC 9 conference. Steering Committee of ESTAC (European Symposium of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry) accepted this offer and ESTAC 9 was organized in Cracow (Poland) in August 2006 (Prof. A. Malecki was Conference Chairman). He was nominated by ICTAC Nominating Committee as candidate for Vice-President of ICTAC and recently (2006) elected for this post.

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