Scientific Commission
Kinetics Committee                       

Prof. Sergey Vyazovkin
Editor, Thermochimica Acta
Department of Chemistry
University of Alabama at Birmingham
901 S. 14th Street
Birmingham, AL 35294
tel (205) 975-9410
fax (205) 975-0070

List of members:


To help the thermal analysis community in improving the methods of kinetic analysis of data.


At the 14th ICTAC (Sao Pedro, Brasil, 2008), the Committee has launched a project for developing general guidelines for kinetics analysis of thermal data. The project will capitalize on the previous accomplishments of the ICTAC supported efforts in the area of kinetic analysis. The Committee works in collaboration with the Work Group on Lifetime Prediction of Materials. The guidelines are expected to be developed by the time of the 15th ICTAC Congress.


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